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Quick & Easy Cheese Board Tips


I’ve always loved Halloween. My theatrical side loves getting dressed up and taking on the character of someone else. I’m also a total horror nerd: scary movies, haunted houses, Ouija boards, I love it all. As if that wasn’t enough reason to get excited, Halloween has also felt like the unofficial start to the holiday season (as marked by Starbucks holiday cups launching on November 1st and my mom’s Christmas shopping is usually finished by November 5th). So yea, I’m pretty pumped for tomorrow.


Our plans are still unclear. I was so excited for our first Halloween in the burbs last year, but then we only got 2 trick-or-treaters, so I ended up OD’ing on Milky Ways and passed out on the couch in my sad excuse of a costume (we were Crazy Ira & The Douche from Parks & Rec, which really meant wearing a sweatshirt and backwards hat). So I’m hoping to step up our game this year. We’re thinking Suzy Bishop and Sam Shakusky from Moonrise Kingdom. Thoughts?

DSC_0652What is definitely happening is this festive cheese board. When I have last minute plans, but still want to put something together that seems somewhat personal, I love to do a simple cheese plate. It’s easy and just a few extras will make it seem like you spent a lot more time on it than you really did. And let’s be honest, everyone loves cheese. Here are a few of my tips for throwing together a fun and festive fromage ensemble.

  1. Stick to 3 different cheeses to keep it simple and not overwhelm the guests.
  2. Go for a variety of milks and textures. For example: 1 goat, 1 sheep, 1 cow. Or, 1 soft, 1 hard, 1 stinky.
  3. Pick cheeses that you like and always sample before buying if you can. Don’t worry so much about what pairs well together. If you like it, chances are others will too!
  4. Start the cheeses by slicing or crumbling a few pieces so guests know how to eat it. A big hunk of cheese can be intimidating to go at if you don’t know how to eat it!
  5. Leave cheeses out an hour before serving to get them nice and ripe (even the soft ones).
  6. Keep the accouterments simple and tie in elements from the cheese. For this plate, I added some dried cranberries (for the White Stilton with Cranberries), rosemary (for the Asiago with Rosemary), and some honey (for the fresh goat cheese).
  7. Keep the presentation of the plate more organic and flowing. It’s more inviting and more appetizing if it’s not so rigid looking.
  8. Skeleton hands, spider webs, or little mice (fake ones of course) can add a cheap and easy touch to your spread.

Friday Five: Happy Halloween!


I absolutely love Halloween. It’s the culmination of so many of my favorite things: pumpkins, horror, dressing up and acting like someone else. I’ll be working this weekend, so I’m really looking forward to getting some Trick-or-Treaters tonight. We’ll be making my favorite pumpkin turkey chili and drinking honey crisp apple cider & whiskey cocktails. Kevin and I are debating whether to dress up as Food Network Stars Guy Fieri and Ina Garten or Crazy Ira and the Douche from Parks & Rec. What do you guys think? Here are a few other things I’m looking forward to on my pseudo-weekend…

Jamming out like my teenage self to 1989. I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with T-Swift, but I’m in love with her new album. Especially “Welcome to New York”. I also want her shiny green romper.

Catching up on this podcast. My friend Allie turned me on to it and we are HOOKED. So addicting and perfect for Halloween!

Taking a yoga class. I also highly recommend this app for at-home yoga.

Making this PUMPKIN cornbread in addition to our chili.

Cracking open my just-delivered copy of Amy Poehler’s Yes Please!