About Me


Hi! I’m Cara. I currently live in New Jersey and work in Marketing for McDonald’s. Though it’s tempting to eat Quarter Pounders all day err day, I love to cook. Most of the time I like to cook and eat healthy food, but I also love to indulge. Everything in moderation is my motto when it comes to most things, especially food.

I’m a mostly self-trained home cook who loves to make simple, no-fuss, comforting dishes that taste really good. Ina Garten is my idol. If you like food that tastes good too (or just want to gush about Ina), you can hire me to cater your next dinner party, plan a menu for your event, create a meal plan for your family, or even host a cooking class in your home.

My blogging journey has been an interesting one as I’ve gone through many changes from my early twenties to now late (yikes!) twenties. I’ve experimented with different topics, voices, and branding for this blog in an effort to imitate the successful bloggers that I admire. But I’ve learned (with blogging and life in general) it’s always best to be true and accepting of who you are. I hope that Cooking Cara will inspire you to see the beauty and appreciate your life as it is right now, not make you feel like you’ll be happy once you have this picture perfect life like so-and-so blogger on Instagram. I hope that this blog will inspire you in a way that is attainable, not aspirational.

So c’mon, let’s cook!


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