May Day

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I’ve been feeling like a bit of a slacker for being so quiet on the blog this week. My office changed to our summer hours schedule this week, so I’m still adjusting to the earlier train schedule, which means I’m out cold before 9PM these days (though I usually am regardless of what time I wake up). The plus side is I’m done by 1PM on Fridays! So this afternoon we’ll be driving up to Rhode Island. On Sunday my mom, sister, Kevin’s mom, and I are going to a mother-daughter tea at Glen Manor (our wedding venue), but besides that we have no plans, and I’m looking forward to hitting up our favorite local coffee shops and sipping rose on my parents’ deck. I’m also pumped that it’s May – my second favorite month after October (yes I rank all 12 months). Here are a few things I’m looking forward to this merry May…

My birthday! I’m not big into celebrating my birthday, but Kevin always plans the most perfect day, so I’m excited to see what he has up his sleeve next weekend.

Rose all day. Don’t really need an explanation for this one, but I’m especially looking forward to imbibing outdoors in our new-ish Adirondack chairs that we’ve sat in twice so far.

Leon Bridges show in Philly. Kevin introduced me to Leon Bridges in an epic photo slideshow he made for Valentine’s Day this year (cue: sobbing). We love this one song of his so much so that we’ve already decided to make it our wedding song.

Running outside. This winter was absolutely brutal for running outdoors. So much snow, ice, and numbing temperatures – we really fell off the bandwagon. It’s always a challenge to get back into running outside coming from the treadmill, but I’m more than ready for it.

Cold brew coffee. I just had my first iced coffee from Starbucks this morning, but I’m hoping we can perfect our own cold brew at home.

5 Year Boston College Reunion. I think I’ve only been back to BC twice since graduation. I’m looking forward to catching up with my Boston-based pals who I haven’t seen in ages. The campus is also absolutely gorgeous this time of year.

What are you excited for this May? Have a great one!


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