Wedding Wear

keven wedding

I can practically smell the weekend this Thursday. This weekend we’re headed up to Saratoga Springs for Kevin’s cousin’s wedding (who is also named Keven). Surprisingly, this will be our first wedding together and we could not be more excited to get our dance on. I’m excited to explore Saratoga – I hear it’s beautiful and I’ve never been. (If you have any recs, let me know!) But more importantly, the wedding is Saturday and I still don’t know what I’m wearing. After an ordering snafu with LOFT (I realized yesterday that I sent my order to my old apartment and not to our address in NJ, but LOFT offered to overnight my entire order at no extra cost – talk about great customer service!), I’m expecting this fun pink dress to arrive today. Assuming it fits well and I like it I’ll be wearing that, but I’m in serious need of some jazzy accessories. Since I’m on a pretty tight budget, I not only can’t spend a lot on any one piece, but I also want to know that I’ll get good use out of any new purchase I make. I decided a gold/neutral palette that would look great against the bright pink, but could also be worn again and again, either to work or to other upcoming weddings we have later this year. Let’s just hope the dress fits!


dress // necklace // clutch // necklace // clutch // sandals // sandals // sandals


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