Your Perfect Relaxing Weekend


Woo! It’s Friday! Even though it’s pretty gross out right now, I am so looking forward to the warmer temps that are on their way. We have a fairly low-key weekend on tap: possibly some car shopping tomorrow, hopefully getting started on that garden, and heading into the city on Sunday for brunch with one of my best college friends. Despite today’s forecast, we’ve been looking forward to sitting on our porch with our new adirondack chairs since January, so it might just have to happen anyway. For me, Mexican food (and drinks) always feels fun and springy, so we’ll also be breaking in our new blender with some frozen margs and these easy, somewhat healthy beef enchiladas. If it’s not pouring out, I’m hoping we can take a walk to Purple Cow, the ice cream shop in our town, for my springtime (and year-round) favorite: mint chip ice cream. Hope you have a relaxing, refreshing weekend, too!

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