Your Perfect It-Finally-Feels-Like-Spring Weekend

spring weekend

I’m sure you’ve already heard this 20 times within the last 2 days, but it FINALLY feels like spring! I usually enjoy winter, but this one was especially long, dreary, and just so dang cold. With Easter this weekend, I’m especially feeling that spring energy, and with that comes spring food. Kevin is planning a surprise dinner at home tonight and we’re heading to his Mom’s on Sunday, so between those festivities, I would love to try one (or all of these recipes) this weekend. Maybe I’m skipping spring entirely, but I’m envisioning snacking on these crostini with a glass of my favorite rosé in hand on my parents’ porch in Rhode Island…paradise. But for now, my rosé and crostini will be just fine from the comfort of our kitchen in good ol’ New Jersey. Have a great SPRING weekend!!

buzz // Whispering Angel Rosé

bite(s) // Baked Asparagus Fries // Jalapeño Deviled Eggs // Blueberry-Basil Mozzarella Crostini

bark // Easter Oreo Bark


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