Jump On It


One of the things I occasionally miss about NYC is feeling the need to dress to impress. With it being just me and Kevin here in NJ and the bulk of our plans consisting of a bottle of Trader Joe’s wine and  Netflix, my after-work uniform is always some variation of sweats/leggings, a worn-in t-shirt from high school, and Birkenstocks (I recently got a pair and am OBSESSED). While I’ll never complain about watching TV and feeling comfy, I do like to get dressed up every once in a while. Our night out on the town this past weekend was the perfect excuse to trade in my Birks for heels. I got lots of compliments on my ensemble, so I figured I would share a similar spin here. Not only does the jumpsuit make a complete outfit with little effort (my kind of dressing up), but it’s also SO comfortable that you might as well be lounging with a bottle of 2 Buck Chuck. Unfortunately LOFT doesn’t sell the jumpsuit I have any more, but here are 3 other similar options that are also affordable!


cutout / wide-leg / geometric 


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