Your Perfect NYC Weekend

nyc weekend

You made it! It’s FRIDAY! I hope you’ve been enjoying the new range of content and more frequent posting on Cooking Cara this week. If you have any feedback, please do let me know in the comments! Now on to other priorities…the weekend. I am SO pumped. My sister Emma arrives this afternoon and the three of us are heading into NYC tomorrow. We’ll be getting there early because I have lots I want to pack in to the weekend: coffee from my old neighborhood spot Birch, some NYC-style pampering with a blowout at Drybar and cheap mani-pedis, and a few sweet indulgences at some of my favorite bakeries. At night, we’ll be celebrating our engagement with some pretty awesome people at the bar where we first met. And on Sunday, we’re getting brunch with our families at another date spot favorite of ours: Hudson Clearwater. After a winter cooped up inside in the burbs, I can’t wait for some city smog, street pee, and packed subway cars – no really, I can’t! New York City is such a vibrant place this time of year – everything is still pretty ugly, but the streets and restaurants are PACKED with people just itching to get out after the nasty winter. Hope you have a vibrant weekend, too!

Whether you’re visiting or live in NYC, be sure to hit up these places!

Birch Coffee / 7th Ave + 14th St

Drybar / Multiple locations

Sweet Corner Bakeshop / Hudson St + Charles St

Bobo / 7th Ave + W 10th St

Radegast Hall / Berry + N 3rd St, Brooklyn

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3 thoughts on “Your Perfect NYC Weekend

  1. Veronica

    Looking forward to brunch with you guys & your family! (Michael will be missed) Enjoying the new content & learned something new! YAY! I always used my eyelash curler after applying my mascara. No wonder mine looks a black clumpy mess! Love new tips & learning something new (even at my age)! Have a great time Saturday. Try not to be TOO hung over for brunch on Sunday)!

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