5 Minute Makeup


I’m a little really self-conscious about today’s post. Close-up pictures of my face? Yikes. Also, does anyone really care what my daily makeup routine is? Well I guess I’m about to find out. One of the reasons I follow the blogs I do is that they give a glimpse into the daily life of other people. Call me a stalker, but there’s something satisfying about knowing these other bloggers I admire are for the most part normal people too.


Self-consciousness aside, I do feel like I’ve perfected my makeup routine over the years. I looooved experimenting with new makeup at the M.A.C. counter in high school and quickly became the makeup guru for all my friends before our school dances. Since then I’ve traded in my lime green shadows and electric blue eyeliner for a much more subdued palette and a quick routine that gets me ready and out the door in about 5 minutes.


Conceal: I first apply this under eye primer in an upside-down triangle with my ring finger. I then use a flat concealer brush to dot on this concealer in an upside-down triangle. The triangle should be bigger than you think – the tip should extend down almost to the bottom of your nose. I then use my ring finger to blend in the concealer.


Bronzer + Blush: I’ve used both the bronzer and blush from NARS for years. Using this brush, I lightly dot on bronzer on my forehead nose, and cheekbones – you want to emulate spots where the sun actually hits your face. I then use this brush to apply blush to the apples of my cheeks and upward.


Eyeliner: I used to apply eyeliner to both my upper and lower eyeliner, but now I just do upper – it saves time and keeps my already dark under eyes looking brighter. I love the eyeliners from Urban Decay. I’ll gently apply this in a plum color – it’s less dramatic than black – and then use a smudger to make it look more natural.


Curl Lashes: I have pretty short and straight lashes, so I’ll almost always curl them even if I’m not going to wear mascara. This is the best one out here.


Mascara: Starting at the base of my lashes, I’ll work in a slight zig-zag pattern outwards to evenly distribute the mascara. I’m currently using this one, but mascara is something I like to switch up every so often. I also really like this one for everyday wear.


Brows: I never did anything to my brows since they’re already quite full – thank you Italian genes – until I recently had my brows waxed at the Benefit boutique and they added some of this gel afterwards. It’s very subtle, but adds a little more definition and pop that is very “in” for brows right now.


Five minutes later, you’re out the door! Now judging by this picture, it’s definitely time for a new dye job…


One thought on “5 Minute Makeup

  1. meanjeanmakeup

    Great post! I have tried doing 5 minute makeup and I can’t do it. I usually spend at least four minutes on my mascara (my lashes are very very short). Anyway love the look and your photography is excellent!



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