The Running List


Hello again! After a week-long hiatus, I am feeling much more inspired and invigorated since this last post. I have some exciting news that I’ll be updating you on soon, but in the meantime this newfound inspiration means lots more content for you guys! Food has been and always will be one of my greatest passions, and healthy eating & living will still be the backbone of this blog. However, I’ve been feeling somewhat limited by food in the blogosphere – coming up with new recipes and taking great pictures is hard work! With my schedule, I don’t usually get to cook until after it’s dark, which means so-so pictures, and when it comes to food a picture is worth a thousand words. So in order to bring you better quality recipes and pictures, I’ll be sharing fewer recipe posts and more posts related to anything lifestyle: health, beauty, weddings, fashion, careers, goals. I’ll also be posting more frequently – aiming for 5 times a week – so be sure to check back more often! I hope that you’ll enjoy the new spin on Cooking Cara and if you have any suggestions or ideas for posts you’d like to see, please let me know in the comments!

Now on to today’s post… I’ve mentioned before that I’m a compulsive list-maker. Not only does it keep me organized, but I also get a major sense of satisfaction every time I cross something off that list no matter how big or small it is. That sense of accomplishment usually motivates me to keep going and cross more things off whatever list it is – it’s like an endless cycle. Inspired by Design Darling’s list of 101 Things in 1001 Days, I decided to come up with my own bucket list of sorts, except I won’t be putting a time frame on this and I’ll continue to add things to the list as I continue to be more inspired by other accomplishments. Every couple weeks I’ll be checking in with my latest developments on The Running List on what I’ve learned, what was a success, what was maybe a failure. So without further ado, here it is!

  • Take a dance class
  • Find a French class/tutor
  • Go to bed earlier instead of falling asleep on the couch
  • Go to yoga once a week for a month
  • Run a half marathon in 5 new cities
  • Plan a spontaneous weekend trip
  • Buy new underwear – weird I know, but it’s something I wear every day but never invest in
  • Learn how to give myself a good mani/pedi
  • Start a garden
  • Learn how to finally braid my own hair
  • Learn how to give myself a good blowout
  • Try a new workout class
  • Start an adult skincare routine
  • Get my teeth whitened
  • Find a cause to volunteer for
  • Do something nice for Kevin “just because” once a week
  • Get a bike and go bike riding
  • Cut out gluten for 2 weeks – maybe solve my IBS!
  • Buy produce more locally and seasonally from farmers markets
  • Hire someone to redesign Cooking Cara
  • Self-host Cooking Cara
  • Go phone-free for an entire weekend
  • Don’t look at my phone after 8PM for an entire week
  • Join the library and take out/read one new book a month
  • Bake my own bread
  • Make my own pizza dough
  • Master pie dough from scratch
  • Finish that food photography class
  • Brew our own beer
  • Learn how to make GOOD cold-brew coffee (we still haven’t mastered it yet)
  • Get my spinning certification

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