Your Perfect: Ski Weekend


Kevin was going through my old blog posts earlier this week and he pointed out a recurring theme: I really, really like weekends. By every Friday, I’m always rejoicing it’s the weekend (“TGIF!” “Happy Friday!” “It’s the weekend!”). It’s true, I live for the weekends. Maybe because I’m pretty uptight about sticking to a schedule, a workout routine, and eating healthy during the week that I’m ready to let loose come Friday night? Or because I live for making plans and the weekend has so much plan-making potential. So, I’ve decided to implement a new weekly column each Friday: Your Perfect [insert adjective] Weekend. I’ll share the perfect menu of food, cocktails, and dessert to pair with whatever you’re up to that weekend. And this weekend, we happen to be skiing in Vermont with Allie & Raven. Here’s what’s on tap…

Bubbly. Allie & Raven got engaged a fews days before Kevin and me, and this is the first time we’ve all been together since it happened, so some major celebration is in order.

Guacamole. Raven makes a mean guacamole and there’s nothing I love more than a bottomless bowl of guac and tortilla chips.

Bourbon Brulé Cocktail. In addition to several bottles of red wine, we also picked up a bottle of bourbon, and this cocktail looks like the perfect vessel to consume it.

Fondue. Because nothing goes better with skiing than a pot of melted cheese.

Funfetti. This foursome is nothing short of obsessed with funfetti, though ours will be coming from a box and won’t last long enough to take a pretty picture like this one.


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