Blogging Struggles


The hump to this Hump-day is extra large for me today. I woke up today feeling especially unmotivated and uninspired. All morning I’ve been thinking what do I blog about, what do I write? But the harder I thought, the less creative and inspired I felt. Blogs are supposed to be a source of inspiration and creativity for its readers, so how am I supposed to inspire others to cook when I’m feeling less than inspired myself? I think that’s one of the most daunting things about writing a blog – for me at least. The pressure to always come up with new content, new recipes, new tips in an extremely crowded space. Not to mention finding the time to actually think of these ideas and write about them on top of everything else you have going on. So many of the food and lifestyle blogs that I follow make it look so easy. They post every day of the week, they have amazing photography, new recipes every day. How do they do it? Whatever they’re drinking, give me some. But getting trapped in the comparison game is a tempting and dangerous one, and yet I still always do it to myself. So today I’m taking a break from writing something exciting and sitting on this uninspiration I woke up with today in hopes that it will do the reverse. Let’s get over this hump!

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