Let Them Eat Cake!

wedding food inspo

It’s Friday, y’all! It was snowing again here in NJ this morning, which I’ll take as a sign that it’s going to be a good weekend. I’m working on Sunday, so unfortunately, I won’t be making any deliciously fatty foods for the Super Bowl (but here and here are some ideas!). So rather than share something like a manly buffalo chicken dip today (which I’d love to come home to on Sunday… hint hint), we’re taking it to the other end of the spectrum and talking WEDDINGS! I have a call today with our potential caterer to finalize a few things and then hopefully we’ll be own our way! Since we still have quite some time (October 8, 2016!), I’ve been having a little too much fun coming up with inspiration for our menu. Read on for what’s inspiring us on our plates and in our flutes.

1. Grand Central Oyster Bar. Kevin and I have never actually eaten here, but love the glam old school  New York vibe. We did, however, like to indulge in the $1 oysters at Bobo‘s happy hour in NYC, so hopefully some sort of raw bar will make its way onto the menu.

2. Glen Manor. Our venue! You can’t get more old school glam than that, right? And it’s on the Sakonnet River in Rhode Island – a short boat ride away from my parents’ house!

3. Naked Funfetti Cake. When we saw that our caterer Russell Morin could do a gourmet funfetti cake, we were pretty much sold.

4. Local Specialities. I love the idea of making welcome bags filled with local Rhode Island favorites, especially Kevin’s favorite: Del’s Shandy.

5. Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese Shooters. While the decor may be glam, we’ve always been fans of unpretentious comfort food.

6. Festive Fall Cocktails. Because we love fall (and cocktails), I’m excited to come up with a speciality concoction of our own that suits the season.

7. Mini Fish & Chips. See #5 and that newspaper. ‘Nuff said.

8. Gold Flatware. I have been obsessed with gold flatware recently. I’m hoping we can work it onto our tables and into our registry eventually…

9. Ice Cream Sundae Bar. Because so many of our nights together end this way.


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