Reality Bites

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Monday is somehow here already. If you’re off today, I’m jealous. After an exciting weekend – we’ve nailed down our wedding venue! And did some seriously fun ring research for my gal pal Emily – I feel like I could use another day off just to soak it all in and continue to drink up all of the celebratory bubbles! But it’s back to the grind over here, and since I wasn’t around for our usual Sunday trip to Trader Joe’s, Kevin took on my usual task of menu planning and list-making – more on that later this week.

Most lifestyle and food blogs are full of incredible styled photos with perfect light and curls of steam rising off that freshly made risotto oh-so-deliciously. While my pictures have a long way to go – I was gifted this online food photography class that I have yet to crack into – I usually plan our meals around “blog-worthy” dinners and “normal” dinners. So today I decided to show you what a “normal” dinner looks like when I’m not trying a new recipe or coming up with something to impress. Usually we stick to this template: pan-seared or roasted protein (chicken, salmon, pork) with roasted veggies (brussels sprouts, broccoli) and some sort of starch (couscous, quinoa, potatoes). For when we’re really strapped for time or creativity, we love the pre-marinated meats & poultry from Trader Joe’s (featured above is the peppercorn & garlic pork tenderloin) – they’re easy, fairly healthy, and very affordable. It may not sound that exciting, but if one of your resolutions is to cook more this year, it’s good to remember that every meal doesn’t have to be a big undertaking. Following a simple template that works for you (e.g. protein/veg/starch, green salad/protein/starch) will help build the base for many quick & easy meals when you’re in a bind.  Email me today at colbertcara[at]gmail[dot]com to come up with some meal templates that work for you!


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