Running in Winter


Kevin Cooks is taking a break this week as Kevin is sick with the flu and can’t eat much, let alone cook. ‘Tis the season for the flu and it’s also the season for abandoning your workout New Year’s Resolutions because it’s just SO. DAMN. COLD. OUT. So today I’m going to share a few things that help me stick out a regular workout routine even when it’s 12 degrees outside and all I want to do is bathe in a bowl of mac & cheese.

Layer up. If you don’t like running inside on a treadmill – like me – the best way to brace the cold is to add on layers as much as possible. Even if you look ridiculous, you can always take off a layer if you get too hot along the way, but there’s nothing worse than running for 30 minutes and feeling just as cold at the end as you did when you started.

Shine on. I feel a bit hypocritical with this one, because I don’t actually own any reflective gear yet, but it is DARK out there at 6AM or even 5PM. I get annoyed when I’m driving and just barely see a runner with no reflectors on, and then I realize, I am that annoying runner. So splurge with me and get one of these.

Switch it up. For when the roads are too icy to run or if you just can’t bear the cold, take it to the “dreadmill” as my mom calls it. But rather than slogging along at the same pace for 30 minutes, switch it up with speed intervals or hills. An easy one we like to do is this: 5 minutes walking at 4.0 mph, 4 minutes at 6.0, 3 minutes at 6.5, 2 minutes at 7.0, 1 minute at 8.0, repeat again for a 30 minute workout.

DIAH. No, this is not an abbreviation for those kinda runs. Do It At Home. If running outside or trekking to the gym in the snow just isn’t going to happen, you can always do something at home. Whether it’s a workout DVD (I like this circuit-based Jillian Michaels DVD and just tried Ballet Beautiful for the first time and enjoyed it!) or doing some jumping jacks and sit-ups while you watch TV. Here’s a quickie that doesn’t require much space: 15 push-ups, 15 burpees, 15 jump squats, 15 jumping lunges, 15 tricep dips (on a chair or bench), 60 seconds plank hold, repeat 3 times.

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