DIY Granola Gifts


I am not a crafty person. I have always wanted to be a crafty person. I love skimming through Pinterest or my favorite bloggers to see how effortlessly they make pom-pom wreaths out of a blanket or make their own lavender infused vodka. But every time I start to scrapbook or decoupage coasters I either get restless or overwhelmed and give up halfway through. But this year I’m on a real tight budget, so I’ve had to get a little thrifty with my holiday gifts.


I may not be a good crafter, but I can cook, so I made a big batch of my Crunchy Coconut Granola, put it in some mason jars (because mason jars make everything look cute), and finished it off with some festive ribbon. Viola! A homemade, delicious gift that will come in handy when everyone is looking for a healthy breakfast or snack after the holiday binge.

Here are some other DIY food gifts that would work well in a mason jar:

Homemade pickled vegetables

Mulled wine kit

Manhattan in a jar

Pumpkin spice syrup

Treats for the pup



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