Thanksgiving: Make the Rainbow


First things first, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my amazing, beautiful, and talented friend Allie of Little Red’s Well. There’s no one else who shares my obscure sense of humor and can dress like a boss like Allie. If you haven’t already checked out her fabulous fashion blog, do it now and show her some bday love!


Thanksgiving is now just a week away and I can feel the excitement beginning to bubble within me. Stuffing! Squash! Pumpkin pie! So many of my favorite things in one day, it’s almost too much to handle. Almost. But if Thanksgiving does feel like too much for you (and you are not alone) I put together this color coded guide to help you create your Thanksgiving menu. The best thing you can do when planning a large meal or entertaining is to plan ahead. Following this guide will help you narrow down what exactly you need to make (or maybe you can outsource and order my food at Olsson’s?!). There’s still plenty of time to figure it out, so no need to fret just yet, and on Friday, I’ll be sharing my guide on how to start attacking your food prep in an organized and fun! way. Can you tell all this planning and color coding is a Type A’s dream?!

thanksgiving colors


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