Have a Cat-tastic Weekend!


Happy Friday!! Apologies for the lack of post earlier this week – it has been a busy one.  We didn’t get a chance to cook many exciting meals this week, although we finally visited a local restaurant that we’d been wanting to try near our apartment. I definitely recommend it if you ever find yourself in the Princeton area. In other news, we’re adopting 2 cats tonight! Our cat Summer sadly passed away while we were in Italy. I’ve never been fond of cats until I met Summer and she was just the sweetest. We’ve missed having a pet to come home to, so we started visiting animal shelters last weekend and met our soon-to-be cats earlier this week. They’re sisters and very mellow and sweet – just like Summer. We’re still debating on their names. Right now it’s between Shauna Malwae-Tweep and Ethel Beavers (from Parks & Rec), Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, or Ellie & Maisy. What do you guys think? This weekend I’m looking forward to cozying up with our new kittens (ideally in a kitchen like the one above – isn’t it so cute?) and FINALLY seeing our close friends Allie & Raven. Here are some other fun links for you to enjoy this weekend…

This Shake It Off aerobics mash-up is perfect for Friday.

Loving this video series about the NYC Ballet.

Need to get one of these ASAP.

DIY holiday gifts.

Practice styling my new bangs with the best blow dryer.


Ice cream trail? Sign me up!

image via Pinterest


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