Monday Menu

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Somehow Monday is here already. After a jam-packed weekend of Gone Girl (loved it), a haunted farm trail (seriously terrifying), and the Rutgers-Michigan game (woo Rutgers!), I was kind of dreading our weekly Sunday trip to Trader Joe’s and Wegman’s. I’ve always enjoyed grocery shopping, and since moving to the burbs, it’s now one of my favorite weekend traditions. So much space to ponder your food choices! No more schlepping bags on the subway! Anyways, I don’t think I was quite ready to admit the weekend was coming to a close, but the grocery shopping must go on.


I know most people don’t actually look forward to grocery shopping like I do, but I do think with some planning and a shopping list, you can make food shopping less of a headache and more of a breeze in your weekly routine. To do this, each Sunday I’ll make a loose plan of our meals for the week. Breakfast doesn’t change much (usually cereal, yogurt, or overnight oats with fruit). For lunch, depending on my schedule for the week, sometimes I’ll make a big batch of something simple like chili or a quinoa salad. Otherwise, I’ll rely on dinner leftovers for lunch or whatever I’m recipe-testing at work that day. So dinners are where most of the meal planning comes in. Sometimes we end up making all of the dinners planned out for the week, sometimes we get lazy and order takeout instead. That’s okay. But at least having the ingredients on hand makes it a lot easier to cook a healthy and inexpensive meal when we get home from work. Here’s a sample of my loose meal plan and grocery list for the week. As you can see, I’ve got some some delicious recipes coming your way this week, so stay tuned!


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