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Yes, finally. Almost a year later, I am finally back here. This past year was…interesting. Stressful. Challenging. Exhausting. Those are really the words the Negative Nancy in me would use to describe the past year. When things got tough, it was a lot easier to dwell on the negative than take control and find the positive in the everyday. Motivating myself to do things that I knew I loved, like writing this blog or running, felt insurmountable. This was so not me. Everything had always been surmountable for me up until this last year. I am a doer. A goal-setter and goal-getter. When my favorite things like going out to a new restaurant with Kevin or drinking too much wine with friends started to feel like another source of anxiety rather than happiness, I knew Nancy had to go.

And so she went. Well, not that easily of course. Many conversations, crying battles, hiccups, and interviews were had, and so when Kevin got a job offer as a City Planner with Mercer County in New Jersey we decided to go for it (after many conversations, cries, hiccups, and more interviews, of course). New Jersey is about the last place I ever thought I’d live. We talked about Providence, Boston, Philly, Chicago, but the Dirty Jerz? Nuh-huh! But I’m learning that things rarely work out the way you plan them to.

Soon after we decided to move, I was very lucky to have met the owners of the charming cheese shop Olsson’s Fine Foods in Princeton who happened to be looking for someone to launch their catering business. I’d get to work in a cheese shop in beautiful Princeton and get a taste of building my own business? Sign me up! Goal-setter & goal-getter Cara was on the mend!

We’ve been in New Jersey for almost 2 months now and I really have no complaints (which if you know me, is quite the feat). I’m running again, I look forward to making plans with friends, and I’m cooking lots, which is good for you all because this time, Cooking Cara is here to stay.

Given the changes I’ve made in the past year, it seemed fitting that my blog should get a bit of a facelift too. I’ve dropped the “with”, added my own logo (thanks, Kevin!), and will be focusing more on living a healthy, balanced, and of course, delicious life through simple recipes and affordable meal plans to help you cook more at home, too.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading and I hope you’ll stick around, because I know I will be.


12 thoughts on “Finally.

  1. Barbara Costanzo

    GREAT! I’ve missed your recipes and hearing what’s going on in your life. Hope to see gluten free and diary free recipes :)…..YES….. we are now dairy free too! All the best!

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