Friday Five: Summer To-Do’s

Whew! It’s so hot here I can barely think straight. AC on full blast, chugging ice water, lights are off because even that makes me too hot. This is the longest I’ve been in NYC without any excursions for the summer and after this heat wave, I am so ready to get out. Luckily I have quite the fun week ahead to look forward to. Busting out of the concrete jungle this afternoon for a girls weekend at the Cape, Beyonce concert in Boston on Tuesday night (!!!!), relaxing in Rhode Island for the rest of the week, then singing my teeny-bopper heart out at Taylor Swift with my sister on Friday night (holla 7th row seats!!). After a week of nonstop sweating, I’m itching for the beach, pool, and central air at home. I’ve been keeping my cooking to an absolute minimum this week – when it’s too hot for me to turn on the stove, you know it’s bad – so no new recipes to share today, but here are a few things on my to-do list while on my little vaca…

Drink This


Make This


OMG This


Grill This


And of course, Shake My Booty LIKE THIS


photo credits: Joy the Baker, Smitten Kitchen, How Sweet It Is, Funny Or Die


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