A New York Weekend

This weekend really could have used an extra day. Since Friday, it felt like I was on the go nonstop. It kicked off with the Comfort Classics tasting event at Taste of the Upper West Side, where (biased or not) the Ditch Dog from Ditch Plains was my favorite. Unlimited beer was a nice perk on the extremely balmy night.


Saturday was an early morning to get up and ready for the Veuve Cliquot Polo Classic at Liberty State Park. With champagne and polo come lots of drunk fratty boys, but Kevin, Allie, Raven and I put on our best patient faces as we waited in looooong lines for bottles of bubbly. Even though we were totally fried by the afternoon, donning our floppy hats and learning about “chukkers”  was well worth it.


Up early again on Sunday morning for another hot day to venture up to the Bronx to meet with the hiking & adventure company Vertically Inclined. Kevin and I bought a deal a few months ago for a hike and wine tour in the Hudson Valley thinking it would be a leisurely walk through the woods. Boy were we wrong. The hike up Anthony’s Nose in the Bear Mountain Region was much more challenging than we expected. It didn’t help that it was near 90 degrees again and we were already exhausted and sunburnt from yesterday.


However, this made the trip to Warwick Valley Winery all the more rewarding. The place was adorable – great for families and adults – with live music, wine tastings (for only $5 you get to try 6 wines and keep the glass!) and delicious, fresh food. By the time we got there, we were ravenous, so we went for the margherita pizza and truffle fries, both of which were as good, if not better, than some pizza and fries I’ve had in NYC.



After a long, sweaty and dirty trip home, nothing felt as good as enjoying a glass of Harvest Moon from the winery and Italian takeout on my couch.



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