Congratulations, Emma!

Greetings from Massachusetts! I’m home this weekend for my sister Emma’s graduation from Holy Cross. After one hell of a bus ride yesterday (a woman wearing a pillow case as a doorag with the word “Smurf” tattooed on her cheek; water spewing in from a broken window during a monsoon rainstorm; another woman with her hand blatantly down her pants), I didn’t have as much time to prepare today’s blog post as I’d hoped. So I just want to give a brief shout out to Emma, or Mertle as I call her, the most left-brained child of the family. With a math thesis title that is a complete foreign language to me and going on to get her PhD in “Pure Math” (yes that’s a thing!), we could not be more different, but we’ve always shared a bizarre sense of humor and love of bathroom humor that bonds us together. So congrats, Emma! I’m very proud of you and I know you’re on the brink of doing very great things (and probably making a lot more money than I ever will)! xxoo


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