Friday Five: Best Burgers

Kevin and I are running the Brooklyn Half Marathon tomorrow. We’ve been training for the race for a couple months now, but perhaps more important than the training was planning our post-run feast. After sinking our teeth into the burgers at The Spotted Pig back in February, we’d been looking for an occasion to treat ourselves again. So when our longer runs left us famished for juicy beef, melty cheese, and hearty carbs, we knew The Spotted Big burger would be the perfect way to negate all those calories after 13.1 miles. Whether you’ll be pumping iron or just really hungover this weekend, my 5 favorite burgers in NYC are sure to satisfy your hunger pangs.
best burgers

1. The Spotted Pig

This burger really does live up to all the hype. Served on a buttery brioche bun, the massive patty is grilled to perfection. The Roquefort cheese adds a tangy and salty kick, while each bite melts like smooth buttah in your mouth. The crispy rosemary-garlic shoestring fries are so addicting, you’ll be chasing bites of burger with handfuls of fries. At $20, it’s a splurge, but worth every beefy penny.

2. Friedman’s Lunch

Friedman’s burger was the last meal I had before Hurricane Sandy hit and the entire city shut down. Don’t worry, I stocked up on the essentials (nachos, lasagna, beer), and spent most of the week eating and drinking through Brooklyn where there was power; but I’ll always remember this burger. Not that I seriously thought it would be my last meal, but there was a palpable nervous energy in Chelsea Market that day as people ravaged the shelves for gourmet cheese and truffle oil (only in NY are these considered essentials), and this burger magically calmed my nerves as I sunk my teeth into each juicy bite.

3. Shake Shack

Definitely the least beefy of the bunch, but nonetheless delicious. Yes the lines are ridiculous, but there’s something about the 1.5+ hour wait that adds to the whole experience (or maybe you’re just so damn hungry by the time you get up there, anything will taste good). I especially love the squishy potato bun: it makes me nostalgic for McDonalds’ Happy Meals, but with a lot less chemicals and a lot more flavor. I also love that the Shack Burgers are relatively small, so I still have plenty of room for their crinkle fries and a black & white milkshake!

4. Landmarc

Okay, so shameless plug for Landmarc here (holla!!), but I can honestly say that this is not a biased call at all. I actually sought out Landmarc specifically for their burgers when I was interning in the city during college. I remember thinking it was the best burger I’d ever had, and almost 5 years later, that still rings true. I’m also a big fan of Landmarc’s chicken burgers, which are the most flavorful and moist chicken burgers I’ve yet to find (this is not an easy task!). The exquisitely golden and crispy fries with garlic aioli are just the cherry on top (and the reason I’m dreading bathing suit season).

5. Corner Bistro

Corner Bistro is somewhat of an old New York institution. They claim to be “one of the last bohemian bars in Greenwich Village” – bold statement if you ask me – but there certainly are no frills to be had here. Everything is served on white plastic plates with plastic cutlery; and the menu is simple with only a hamburger, cheeseburger, chiliburger or Bistro burger (with cheese and bacon). There’s no need to gussy it up when the burgers speak for themselves. Definitely worth the visit and the wait (gets busy on weekends) if not for the burgers, than certainly for the divey bohemian ambience.


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