Friday Five: Cooking Wishlist

Happy birthday to me! Today I am officially 25 and have been celebrating by eating this delicious roast chicken all week (how exciting!). Tonight I’ll be drinking lots of beers here, then hopefully setting my inner musical theater geek free with karaoke at my all-time favorite place, Planet Rose. Saturday, it’s Gatsby for breakfast – I’ll be first in line for Leo at the 11:20am showing! It’s like he chose to premiere his new movie on my birthday just for me!

In the spirit of birthdays, today I’m sharing my cooking wishlist of things I need/covet/can’t afford/can’t fit in my apartment. Hint hint!

wishlist 2

1. Lodge Cast Iron Skillet  – A cast iron skillet is such an essential in the kitchen, I kinda can’t believe I still don’t have one. They last forever and can be used for everything from cooking burgers and grilled cheese to pounding chicken breasts. They also make as a stylish serving vehicle for food, giving a classic, rustic look.

2. Magnetic Knife Holder – Right now my knives are in a haphazard pile in one of my cabinets – not very safe and not great for keeping knives in tip-top condition. This magnetic strip affixes to your  wall so you can show off your knife bling and save that counter or cabinet space for other utensils (great for small NYC kitchens!).

3. Bar Cart – Since I barely have room for a kitchen table in my apartment, it will be a few years before I ever get a bar cart, but there’s something about bar carts that I’ve always found very classy and grown-up. I can just picture myself pouring a class of straight whiskey à la Don Draper as I relax on my luxurious leather couch. For now, I’ll just have to enjoy my gin from the freezer.

4. KitchenAid Stand Mixer – A KitchenAid stand mixer is like the status Chanel bag of kitchen equipment. Classic, always versatile, and timeless. From baking to pasta to bread-making, the KitchenAid can do it all. If I ever have a bigger kitchen, this will be the first item on my shopping list.

5. Pizza Stone – Making homemade pizza is one of my favorite Saturday night activities (like this brussels & bacon pizza). Since pizza-making has become quite a hobby of mine, a pizza stone is essential for getting that nice crispy crust that I just can’t get on a regular old baking sheet. But first I think I’ll need to invest in a bigger oven, so the pizza stone can actually fit inside.


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