Gutter Mouth: Dining & Bowling in Brooklyn

Living in the middle of Chelsea is sometimes like living in a little bubble. I have Trader Joe’s, the pharmacy, a Starbucks, the gym all within a block or two of me. Not that I’m complaining; convenience is one of the many reasons I love my neighborhood. But sometimes it’s good to get out of your comfort zone, which in New York City can be just a short subway ride away.

The cold and dreary weather recently has been leaving me feeling somewhat bored and blah, so I decided it was time to shake things up a bit and step outside of my usual ‘hood with a date night in Brooklyn. First stop, El Almacen in Williamsburg. The Argentinean restaurant was instantly warming both inside and out, from the glow of the candles to the sizzling smells of garlic and steak. Kevin and I continued to warm up while sipping on the “El Gauchito”, a spicy yet refreshing concoction of gin, cucumber, jalapeño and lime.


We started out with a big plate of cornmeal-crusted calamari with sweet plantains and “choclo”: grilled corn with chipotle mayo and cotija cheese – a longtime favorite of mine.


This was all before the real star of the show, the churrasco steak, an 18-ounce grilled ribeye with served with truffle fries. Sadly I did not snap a picture of this beauty, but it was served on a wooden plank with two big knives, glistening in all its juicy glory. All I can say is that it was perfectly satisfying to my inner carnivore and most definitely recommend you order this (but share for 2 people).


To round out our night in Brooklyn (and burn some of those churrasco cals) we headed to The Gutter for a little bowling. The quintessential hipster dive made even more “Brooklyn” by the old school bowling alley attached to the bar. While the cheap beer didn’t make better bowlers out of us, the adventure was the perfect solution to my mid-winter slump.




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