Fast(ish) Food

I spent this past weekend at my first ever music festival, Governors Ball, which is deceivingly not on Governors Island but Randall’s Island. After hiking it up to Randall’s Island once for a soccer game via subway and a bus ride with lots of creepy men, I swore I would never go back there, but alas, there I was. And this time, the trip to Randall’s Island was well worth it.

Rainbow balloons for Pride Weekend!

My friends and I were in agreement that the absolute peak of the weekend (and also unexpected) was the show/extreme dance party put on by Major Lazer. Jumping, fist pumping, champagne popping, and shirts flying all ensued (not our shirts, of course). Top that off with a naked girl running across the stage  and lots of booty-popping from the dancers, and you have got an awesome sweaty dance party outside in the 85-degree heat.

Other musical favorites of mine included Chromeo, Passion Pit and Modest Mouse.

Passion Pit

But with all that sweating and dancing, we obviously had to keep ourselves satiated too, and Governors Ball had a nice little spread of food vendors for just that. On Saturday I indulged in the “Vinh” from Asia Dog: a Vietnamese banh-mi style hotdog (I opted for a chicken dog) with aioli, pork pate, cucumbers, pickled carrot & daikon, cilantro and jalapeño. The pickled carrots and cilantro were a refreshing bite on the hot afternoon.

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On Sunday I went for a half lobster, half crab roll from Luke’s Lobster. I’m no newbie to Luke’s Lobster. I love a lobster roll with big chunks of lobster and just a little bit of butter. Some people prefer their roll as more of a salad with a mayo-based sauce, but I like to taste all that fresh lobstah! The crab roll is also simple and delicious with just some butter and old bay seasoning. Sandwich that between a buttery toasted bun, and you’ve got the perfect snack for lounging out in the sun on a Sunday afternoon.

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