A Very Gaga Thanksgiving

While some of you may have turned on your TV to catch “A Very Gaga Thanksgiving” this year, we had a very Gaga Thanksgiving in the flesh! As much I would have enjoyed eating our Thanksgiving meal to the melody of “Bad Romance”as we all incubated in large eggs, I’m talking about the first and original Gaga, not Lady Gaga… our grandma! Me being the oldest grandchild and genius baby that I was, came up with the nickname Gaga, and 23 years later, I can safely say I was a fan of Gaga before anyone else.

Usually, my family spends Thanksgiving at Gaga’s house in Westchester, NY with our cousins, aunts and uncles, but this year was a much more intimate affair at our house in Westborough, MA with just my direct family and, of course, Gaga. Though we knew it would be small, that was no excuse to skimp on the food. No, no. Not when a Costanzo is in the house! (Costanzo is Gaga’s last name). In case you couldn’t tell, Costanzo is obviously Italian, so any family get together – especially Thanksgiving – is going to involve a lot of food… obviously.

We all joked about the different food theories between my mom’s family (Italian) and my dad’s (Irish). In the Costanzo house, there can never be enough food, which is probably why we had six desserts for the six of us on Thanksgiving! For the Colberts, what you have is always more than enough. (To give you an idea of what I mean, my dad’s mother used to feed a family of seven children with ONE can of tuna!!!) And even though my dad’s family is full of great cooks, I’m gonna have to go with the Costanzos on this one. You really can never have enough good food.

But regardless of how big or small that turkey is, or how many pies you make, the food is just a vehicle for bringing us all together. Making jokes, laughing together, and sharing memories of loved ones. Now that I live on my own, not so close to my family, I’ve really come to appreciate the time that we do spend together. And the fact that my family lives loves to eat, makes these times even better.

The superstar herself… Gaga! 

Michael and Emma hard at work icing cookies!
Baked brie en croute with walnuts and cinnamon
Haricots verts with roasted shallots and fennel
Dad and his pride and joy
More sides! Sweet potato pie, roasted butternut squash, and stuffing…mmm

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