Familar Food: Making Pizza

Pizza is a Friday night tradition at home. Even though the pizza selection in Westborough, MA is quite limited, I always looked forward to this ritual as the true beginning of the weekend. As I grew up and my palette matured, I started to realize that pizza in Westborough really is not good. At all. To keep up with our Friday ritual without sacrificing taste, I started to make pizzas for my family. The best part about this was that I could easily customize our pizzas to fit the varied (and limited) taste buds of everyone–peppers and mushrooms for me, broccoli and ricotta for mom, plain ol’ cheese for Emma. Pizza Fridays made for a stress-free, yet tasty (and much better than Papa Gino’s) kick-off to the weekend.

Now that I no longer live at home, Emma has taken on the role of pizza-master. While both delicious, we each have our signature pies (mine has a crispier crust; Emma’s a little softer). But just because I live in Pizza Paradise, also known as New York City, doesn’t mean I can’t carry on the family tradition here.

Luckily, homemade pizza is a cheap and easy solution to cooking with friends. Everyone can chip in with favorite toppings, and everyone can take on a task: rolling out the dough, chopping the veggies, sprinkling the cheese. It’s a fun and nostalgic way to get those friends in the kitchen who don’t usually cook for themselves. So that’s just what me and a few of my friends did this Monday night. Albeit, it wasn’t a Friday night and it wasn’t with my family, but sharing laughs and good food with friends made the next 4 days until Friday seem just a little less threatening.

Veggin’ it up!
Classic cheese pizza with fresh tomatoes, red and yellow peppers, and mushrooms
Feta cheese and pesto pizza with sliced tomatoes and mushrooms–the favorite!

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